Divorce Coaching

Free 30 minute discovery consultation...

 - Help navigating the financial, parenting, legal and logistical issues and processes of divorce.

 - Personalized to your situation.

 - Private and confidential. 

 - Phone, video or in-person appointments.

...to save time, cost and stress of a divorce.

"Divorce Coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs and concerns..." - - The American Bar Association


Lisa is amazing. She is that perfect combination of clear and straightforward, as well as empathetic and understanding. It is easy to see that what drives her is her deep desire to help other women who are going through this very hard thing. She's been there. She's walked through this fire. She's very knowledgeable, concise, and knows how to ask the right questions. She can help you see through the fog and take the next step.

G.N. Minnesota


One to One Coaching

I provide support and guidance before, during and after the divorce process to reduce stress, minimize costs and save time. Consultations are based on YOUR specific needs and are available in person, over the phone or via video chat.


I have knowledge about 

divorcing with special needs children.

You will leave each meeting with a plan to address issues important and necessary for you.


Getting divorced can seem overwhelming so it is best to have the right professionals helping you. You do not and should not do this alone. I can refer you to experts in a variety of fields:

 - therapists (child, adolescent and/or adult)

 -mediators, litigators, and collaborative 



 -financial advisors, certified divorce financial analysts, accountants

 -real estate agents, mortgage brokers, moving companies, staging companies, and appraisers

- college planners


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I provide a free 30 minute consultation. Please call me at 203-858-2546 or email me at lisamarienew@optonline.net to schedule.