Upcoming Seminars

Date TBD

Embracing Transition!

What Women Want Networking Group - Fairfield County Chapter


Nordstrom's in Norwalk, CT


Speakers include: Vicki Volper, Christine Fitch Oleynick, Hilary Berger, Kitt Shapiro and Linda Cleveland

Stay tuned for ticket and registration 


Previous Seminars

Divorce: What to Consider

- How do you navigate the process?

-What are the steps that you need to take?

-What professionals will best serve you in this process?

-What are the ways to go through the process (Litigation, Collaborative, and Mediation)

-Common mistakes and misconceptions

*Registration encouraged on library websites*

Additional Speakers:

Maurice Segall, Attorney Mediator

Mediation Solutions

Matthew Chamberlin

Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Advisors


Fairfield Library

May 15, 2019

Wilton Library

 June 4, 2019


Jewish Family Services, Stamford, Sept. 12, 2019